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Crop Breed Genet Genom. 2020;2(1):e200002.


Virtual Special Issue: Durum Wheat—Ancient Crop, Modern Challenges

Filippo Maria Bassi 1,* , Gemma Molero 2,*

1 International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA), Rabat 10000, Morocco

2 International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), El Batan, Mexico 56237, Mexico

* Correspondence: Filippo Maria Bassi, Gemma Molero.

Received: 11 December 2019; Accepted: 12 December 2019; Published: 13 December 2019

This article belongs to the Virtual Special Issue "Durum Wheat: Ancient Crop, Modern Challenges"


Durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) is the 10th most important crop in the world for production. Its cultivation dates back to the origin of human civilization in the Levantine, and from there it spread to all corners of the world. It is both a staple crop for smallholder farmers, and a cash crop when its harvest is linked with the industrial transformation to pasta, couscous, Dalia, and burghul. Because of its ability to withstand harsh conditions, it is often cultivated in the marginal lands where severe terminal droughts are common, but it also finds great appreciation for its yield potential when grown under irrigation. Similarly, its rheological characteristics make it suitable for different food products, via industrial or household transformation. Lately, its appreciation further grew among farmers because of its genetic resistance to the widely spread rust races that are causing terrible epidemics on bread wheat (T. aestivum L.). Still, durum wheat has also shown extreme sensitivity to other diseases such as Fusarium spp. and Septoria spp.

In this special edition dedicated to durum wheat, we would like to gather the expertise of the best research groups around the world to deliver 10–15 articles that will span the whole spectrum of durum wheat applied research. We are aiming to gather excellent research articles in the following topics/subject areas:










We will accept articles that present results from at least two seasons and/or two treatments for physiology, pre-breeding, and agronomy, or five environments for G + G × E studies. We are open to any type of submission concerning durum wheat, as long as novel and interesting conclusions are presented and supported by statistically significant results. The term for article submission is set for 31 July 2020. All publications will be open access and immediately available online. Publication fees will be fully waived for articles submitted to this special issue.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!

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Bassi FM, Molero G. Virtual Special Issue: Durum Wheat—Ancient Crop, Modern Challenges. Crop Breed Genet Genom. 2020;2(1):e200002.

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